WE: We act in a collaborative, humane and transparent way.   DO: We are bold and in action.   GOOD: We are committed to positive social, environmental and economic impact.

Pomegranate: The pomegranate is an explosive fruit with positive symbolism. The multitude of its seeds tells of fertility and prosperity. It represents our ambition to multiply the positive impact through the development of concrete projects and actions. With pomegranate, we do guerrilla gardening in the finance sector!


We work every day to activate a finance with positive impact: we develop royalty fundraisers for economically viable projects that have a social or environmental ambition.

We created the crowdfunding platform in royalties WEDOGOOD.co. It allows:

  • Entrepreneurs to engage investors without diluting their capital, and to return amounts proportional to their turnover in contrast to the fixed maturities of a loan,
  • investors to support projects that speak to them, to be interested in the success of projects, and to benefit from a gradual financial return without exit to manage. And companies to depreciate their investment.

In January 2016, WE DO GOOD was awarded the Approval of the Finance Innovation Competitiveness Centre for the innovative and strategic nature of royalty financing.

In the positive impact financing market, WE DO GOOD offers the simplest and most unifying way to raise funds.

Our ambition: to activate 100,000 investors with positive impact by 2020, i.e. 40 million euros invested in royalties on projects that change the world.


Develop a funding model tailored to transition projects,
often left out by traditional financing systems

Reconnecting finance with the common good 
to spur concrete action

Giving the power to act 
change activators


On WEDOGOOD.co, fundraising companies have positive economic impacts and social or environmental ambition. They must meet needs in at least one of these areas in the core of their business, or by committing to improve the impacts of their activity through a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy.


Solutions for sound and effective management (on the themes of finance, value allocation, allocation of resources, citizen participation).


Benefits to individuals (on the themes of health/well-being, education, housing, culture, discrimination, other human rights, etc.).


Answers to environmental issues (on the themes of energy, water, urban sprawl, materials, air).

  • Economic development and employment
  • Local economic resilience
  • Encouraging innovation
  • Open and transparent governance

  • Working conditions
  • Living conditions  
  • Social link
  • Access to employment

  • Preservation of resources
  • Protecting biodiversity
  • Reducing pollution
  • Responsible product or service